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about us

Eighty Twenty Design Group's focus is to help bring peace of mind to your home/office remodel projects.
Whether you want to tackle your first DIY project, or hire a contractor to do the work,
we can help you save time, money, and stress along the way!


We help simplify the interior design process by allowing our customers to virtually see their project before it even breaks ground. Just like your favorite HGTV shows, our 3D virtual design software uses high definition project visuals to see exactly what your project will look like when completed. We work one on one with the home/business owner to virtually create their project, help pick materials and colors, and bring your design together into an easy, beautiful, functional design. Eighty Twenty also offers expert design consulting to help our customers make important project decisions during every phase of your project. Some examples of how we can help are: help hiring the right contractor, help staying on budget, help selecting materials, help selecting value adding projects, help finding your style, help purchasing furniture/decor, and help creating amazing beautiful functional designs for your projects. If a question or concern every comes up during your project, we can be there to help resolve


Eighty Twenty started out as a contracting company. After graduating from University of Kentucky as a Civil Engineer, and spending years doing home and office remodels, owner Mike Smith changed the future of the company when he saw a need for a new way of designing homes and businesses. For too long, there has been a battle between property owners, designers, and contractors; sometimes spending hours, days, weeks, months deciding what materials, colors, and styles the customers want installed in their homes. Our easy approach to interior design helps our customers save time, money, and stress and helps them bring their ideas to life. 

Mike Smith moved his Interior Design company to Newport, KY to help advocate for and lead the revitalization of West Newport. In 2016, Mike purchased and historically restored an 1800s hardware store as his company's headquarters, event center, and residence. His passion for historic buildings and design is seen in his work. Eight Twenty's goal in Newport is to help bring light to forgotten historic properties, create a strong sense of community, provide support for urban development, and to help West Newport become the thriving, safe, neighborhood it once was.


WHAT does "Eighty Twenty" mean?

Mike’s home phone number growing up was 781-8020 but there’s more to the story than that!

Eighty Twenty is the perfect balance in Interior Design:  

80% New, 20% Old.  80% Neutral, 20% Bold.


What is "headquarters"?

Originally constructed as a hardware store built in 1886, the building at 935 Monmouth Street has been transformed and restored by owner Mike Smith, back to it's original 1800s architecture. Mike spent about two years restoring the building, creating the offices for his local interior design business, Eighty Twenty Design Group, and his personal loft/residence on the second floor. In 2017, Mike decided to open his beautifully renovated building to the public and create Headquarters Historic Event Center

Headquarters is a small event venue that can be rented out for any use or event. Some of our clients use our venue for: meeting spaces, wedding/baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, art classes, yoga classes, photography sessions, art/photo galleries, class reunions, rehearsal dinners, and many other types of events. For more information about Headquarters, visit our website or contact Headquarters Booking Support to schedule a time to come and see the space.



We can help you save time, money, and stress by planning your project designs and making sure designs are complete before the project begins.

As a third party, we are not exclusive to any architect, construction company, or vendors. This means we truly work for the client.

We act as a neutral mediator between the home/business owners and the general contractor.

We help accurately communicate ideas and designs by using our 3D Virtual Renderings and Project Visuals.

Our software and technology allow us to create amazing Interior and Exterior 3D Virtual Renderings, and 3D Virtual Reality designs.

Our owner's background in Civil Engineering and Construction allows for easy technological communication with construction crews.

We have a passion for Historic Architecture, Style, and Design. Making sure all designs match the style and period of the building.