Step 1 - First Meeting

One of our Eighty Twenty team members will contact you to schedule the first meeting at the project location. The first meeting is typically a 30 minute introduction to your home or business design project. Eighty Twenty does not charge a fee for this service. Our designer will discuss your wants, needs, and budget with you, and determine if we would be a good fit to work together. Finally, our designer will exchange contact information and discuss details for a follow up meeting.

Some tips to prepare for the first meeting are:

  • Begin thinking about a budget. Help with estimating a budget can be done in Step 2.
  • Create a list of wants, needs, and concerns. This will let the designer know exactly what you are looking for.
  • Remember, this is just a meet and greet to see the space and meet our customers. No need to be over prepared.

Step 2 - Follow Up Meeting

One of our Eighty Twenty team members will contact you to schedule the follow up meeting at the project location. The follow up meeting is typically 1-2 hours and includes a more in depth look at your project. We realize our customers have busy schedules, so we typically schedule our meetings around 5-6 PM. Eighty Twenty charges a $100/hour consultation fee for this service. Our designer will sit down with you to discuss your wants, needs, concerns, and budget. These are the four major categories in planning a room. Be honest with your designer, we are here to help you plan and coordinate your dream room. If our designer makes a suggestion not to your liking, it's okay to say no! We are here to learn your style and create ideas for your space. Help us help you! 

During the follow up meeting, our designer will help pick furniture, home decor (curtains, duvet covers, lighting, etc.) and paint colors in your home or business. Our designers have their own style, but understand you do too. Remember, help us help you!

We have several different design packages at Eighty Twenty, our designer will outline each design package and help you choose which one is right for you. Once a package has been chosen, our team will provide a detailed contract outlining the services that will be provided by Eighty Twenty, and details for payment. 50% Payment is due upon contract signing, and 50% Payment is due at the Final Meeting (Step 5).

Some tips to prepare for the follow up meeting are: 

  • Browse Pinterest before the meeting. Save a few pictures of rooms you love! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Create a list of any furniture or decor that you want to keep in the room. 
  • Complete our Eighty Twenty Style Survey.
  • Everyone is different, and everyone has a different style. And if you don't have style, that's okay too. We can help!
  • 50% Payment is due at the Follow Up Meeting

Step 3 - Design

Depending on which package you select and the discussions during Step 2, our designers will begin work in our back office to coordinate a digital design board and create your project visuals. A design board consists of furniture pictures, home decor pictures, and paint colors chosen for your project. We also offer packages with Computer Rendering and Virtual Walkthroughs of your design project. These packages are more expensive, but really help our customers visualize their room before it is completed. We use the same software that you see on DIY and HGTV to create realistic virtual room walkthroughs. Every detail is adjustable, including paint color, fabrics, tile, and much more. 

Once our designs are finalized, one of our Eighty Twenty team members will contact you and send the project visuals for approval. All designs created by our Eighty Twenty team members are the intellectual property of Eighty Twenty Design Group. We encourage our customers to share their designs with friends and family, but selling our project designs is strictly prohibited. If you post designs on social media, we ask that you credit or tag Eighty Twenty Design Group in the post.

Step 4 - Installation

After our designs are approved, and the customer is okay to move forward, one of our Eighty Twenty team members will contact you to schedule and coordinate a time for installation. Our installations typically take 1-2 days, but multi-room projects can take weeks to complete. We will try our best to work with your schedule. Our installation hours are 9AM-5PM.

Some tips to prepare for installation are:

  • If owners are not going to be on site during install, provide a copy of a key or garage door code in advance.
  • Eighty Twenty is pet-friendly, but please make sure your pets are contained during installation.
  • Sometimes accidents happen, so please remember to remove any fragile or sentimental items from the installation space.

Step 5 - Final Meeting

One of our Eighty Twenty team members will contact you to schedule a final meeting about the completed project. During this meeting, we ask our customers to fill out a short online survey about the project. Final meetings typically last about 20-30 minutes.  One of our designers will take photos of the completed design space. All photos will be posted on our Eighty Twenty website and/or social media sites, pending signed approval by our customers. 50% Payment is due upon the Final Meeting. Eighty Twenty accepts Checks or Credit Cards. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn how our typical Design Service works. Contact us if you have questions!