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We provide our clients with high definition 3D Virtual Renderings images to help visualize your project ideas and designs. Our clients love this service because it allows them to turn 2D Paper Floor Plans into a 3D model. From moving walls, windows, and doors, to picking paint colors, countertops, and furniture, our industry leading software allows us to exactly digitally  replicate your project.

Being able to see what the finished project will look like allows you to make important changes to floor plans, room designs, furniture, color, and style. Making these changes before beginning your project can save time, money, and stress during construction.



3D Virtual Reality

The future of interior design is now here! We offer our same high definition 3D Virtual Renderings images in 3D Virtual Reality!

Our Virtual Reality images are great for visualizing color and style, but nothing quite compares to our 3D Virtual Reality. This service allows you to see an entire 360 degree view of your project, as if you were standing in your completed room. Our 3D Virtual Reality helps our clients get a better spacial representation of how a room will feel when lighting, paint colors, furniture, and accessories are added. All of our designs are easily viewable from any smartphone, and are a great way to share your project with family and friends!

View Witte3 in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.


Residential Remodel Design Consulting

Do you want to remodel your home? Redecorate a room? Flip a house?

Eighty Twenty Design Group can help design and create beautiful, functional spaces in your home. We can design living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor living spaces, and even entire home remodels. Whether you are going to sub out the work to a contractor or want to tackle your next DIY project, we can be your guide. Eighty Twenty can help you along the way by answering questions and giving suggestions. No matter what size, style, or budget, Eighty Twenty can help save time, money, and stress on your upcoming home remodel. 

COMMERCIAL Remodel Design Consulting

Eighty Twenty Design Group can help design and create a innovative, organized workplaces for your business. We can provide budget ways to update the look and feel of your office, boosting company moral and reducing cluttered stressful environments. Eighty Twenty will work as a liaison between the business owner and the contractor to communicate styles, ideas, and material choices. We also offer several commercial packages for construction companies to use our project visuals to help win their next bid!


Historic Design Consulting

Owner Mike Smith is extremely passionate about historic projects. This is why Eighty Twenty Design Group chose to take a year off of the business to design and historically remodel their company headquarters. Eighty Twenty acts as a historic consultant, making sure that the style and feel of historic homes and businesses are not lost. The history and architecture of the building helps tell a story, and it's our goal to rest0re historic buildings to their former glory. We can offer suggestions for architectural changes, room style, room design, paint colors, furniture, fixtures, materials, and any other coordinating aspect in historic projects. 


Why use eighty twenty

We can help you save time, money, and stress by planning your project designs and making sure designs are complete before the project begins.

As a third party, we are not exclusive to any architect, construction company, or vendors. This means we truly work for the client.

We act as a neutral mediator between the home/business owners and the general contractor.

We help accurately communicate ideas and designs by using our 3D Virtual Renderings and Project Visuals.

Our software and technology allow us to create amazing Interior and Exterior 3D Virtual Renderings, and 3D Virtual Reality designs.

Our owner's background in Civil Engineering and Construction allows for easy technological communication with construction crews.

We have a passion for Historic Architecture, Style, and Design. Making sure all designs match the style and period of the building.