After the Initial Consultation, Projects ONLY move forward after the Client and Eighty Twenty, LLC
have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions, and the Client provides a "written confirmation to move forward". By providing a "written confirmation to move forward", both the Client and Eighty Twenty, LLC acknowledge that they have read and understand the following Terms and Conditions. "Written confirmation to move forward" can be completed via text message, email, or hand written letter, in correspondence between Client and Eighty Twenty, LLC. "Written confirmation to move forward" constitutes a legal contract for services between the Client and Eighty Twenty, LLC. 


Terms and Conditions

(Before reading the terms and conditions, please read the DISCLAIMER above.)

All plans, designs, and/or renderings created by Eighty Twenty, LLC are intended only to be used for cosmetic interior/exterior design, project visual aids, and space planning. Plans, designs, and/or renderings created by Eighty Twenty, LLC are solely graphic representations and are not intended to be used as structural drawings, plans, and/or blueprints. All parties fully understand that suggestions and considerations made by Eighty Twenty, LLC are cosmetic only, and are intended only for visual purposes. Eighty Twenty, LLC recommends all projects (structural and non-structural) be double checked and designed to specifications by duly licensed and insured engineers, architects, contractors, and/or trades. Eighty Twenty, LLC recommends all work be performed by individuals duly licensed, insured, and authorized by law to perform said work. Eighty Twenty, LLC recommends all work be in compliance with all building codes and other applicable laws. Eighty Twenty, LLC is not responsible for work performed due to incorrect use of plans, designs, and/or renderings. Eighty Twenty, LLC acts as an independent third party consultant. Eighty Twenty, LLC is not exclusive to any companies, vendors, or contractors. Eighty Twenty, LLC does not receive/pay compensation for referrals. Eighty Twenty, LLC is not responsible for delays due to uncontrollable circumstances including but not limited to weather, strikes, casualty, illness, contractor/trades delays, and/or material unavailability. Client is responsible for payment in full within 15 days of "design completion", unless otherwise noted on Invoice. Eighty Twenty, LLC reserves the right to add a late fee of $10/day for each day of non-payment past due date. "Design Completion" is defined as the time instance at which Eighty Twenty, LLC or the Client wishes to stop work, or when the Client is satisfied with the project designs. Client acknowledges that "design completion" is not "construction completion". Clients unsatisfied with work performed by Eighty Twenty, LLC are still responsible for payment for billable hours completed up until Eighty Twenty, LLC ceases work. Prior to "design completion", Eighty Twenty, LLC will only cease work when the Client or Eighty Twenty, LLC expresses work stop in writing. Client acknowledges that billable hours begin immediately following the free initial consultation. All billable hours will be logged on invoicing at the discretion of Eighty Twenty, LLC. Any additional billable hours including but not limited to planning, designing, creating/modifying renderings, and/or consulting after design completion will be added to updated unpaid invoice, or may be billed separately. Client acknowledges that project estimates are only estimates, and are not a legally binding estimated price range for billed services. Eighty Twenty, LLC will exhaust all efforts to complete the job within the estimated price range. Client will be notified when minimum and maximum estimated price range is achieved, and will have the option to have Eighty Twenty, LLC continue to modify plans and services for additional billable hours. If client shall fail to pay any payment due hereunder, Eighty Twenty, LLC may cease work without breach, pending payment or resolution of any dispute. All disputes hereunder shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Privacy Policy: Eighty Twenty, LLC has the right to post plans, designs, and/or renderings on Eighty Twenty, LLC company website, social media, and/or other marketing. Please notify Eighty Twenty, LLC in writing if you wish to remain anonymous and/or not have your plans, designs, and/or renderings published on Eighty Twenty, LLC company website, social media, and/or other marketing. All plans, designs, and renderings are property of Eighty Twenty, LLC and can not be sold, shared, modified, and/or published without expressed written consent.